Our society is enriched through supporting art and those in need

Bella Gallery is dedicated to connecting the world to boutique artists AND giving back to the community. As a Veteran owned business, we feel strongly about giving back to fellow Veterans whose lives have been significantly challenged by serving our country. A portion of every sale is donated to assisting severely injured disabled Veterans and their families obtain appropriate homes that accommodate the challenges brought on by their injuries. Find more about our mission to help these Veterans.

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Our Artists

Bella Gallery's artists are diverse! Each artist brings his or her own unique perspective on the world to their work. They are passionate about art and giving back to those who have sacrificed for our freedoms.

alanna bezAs

Alanna’s interest in photography began at a young age – always being mesmerized by natural light and the way it falls. She remembers many moments of asking her parents to stop the car or detour so she could get out and capture a shot…or the many vacations she fell several feet behind on hikes, trying to get the perfect photograph…or when she would tell her friends to "pause!" because the lighting was perfect and the angle captured the moment. At age thirteen, she received her first true camera, a Canon hand-me-down. This began a journey that has been continuing ever since – from upgrading camera bodies and purchasing multiple lenses to holding print sales and booking clients for senior portraits, family photos, and weddings.  She enjoys photographing both people and nature, with natural edits, and is also fond of black and white film photography and its process. Alanna is a self-taught photographer who loves both creativity and documentation. 


patricia mcgrath

Growing up, my Uncle always had a camera in his hand and I remember being intrigued by that camera. As I grew older, I became the one with the camera in hand. Always taking pictures at family events, vacations, and even commuting on NYC subways and the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).


Several years ago, I decided I needed a more fulfilling career.  With the encouragement and full support of my husband, Tim, I set out on the path to becoming a professional photographer. 


Photography provides me with a creative outlet and enables me to share my passion for capturing beauty in all of its forms. There is beauty everywhere…you just have to look. A camera, the right lighting and composition can make something most people would walk past unnoticed into a thing of beauty.


In 2019 I purchased my Canon 6D Markii and dove head first into the world of photography. I am a self-taught photographer who loves landscape, macro and portrait photography.  


I was thrilled to have two of my photographs selected for the e-book "PAUMANOK Transition" by Kathaleen Donnelly.


The opportunity to have my photography displayed with the works of the distinguished and talented photographers of the Bella Gallery is an honor.


curtis salonick

My interest in photography began in 1969. When on my 16th birthday I received my first 35mm camera a Pentax-K 1000. It came at an propitious time as I was seeking an artistic direction trying painting and drawing but soon realized that I lacked the patience. So the camera seemed the perfect fit. The results seemed immediate if discount the 7 to 10 day wait for the processing of the film and the printing of the prints as this was analog and not digital.

While I was learning about the camera a disaster occurred in 1972 a flood and by chance I stopped into our local newspaper to inquire if they needed any help at the time they employed no staff photographer so began my professional career as a freelance photographer. This accelerated my learning process, as I had to learn to process my own black and white film and print it. As a result of my interaction with the community I began to be hired independently of the newspaper. As a result of this in around 1978, I felt the newspaper and started my own business, photographing events for Collages and other institutions.

During this time of commercial endeavor I had not lost passion for an artistic outlet that would incorporate the photographic process. To this end I developed the means of transferring content from one negative to another in the darkroom creating a new composite image. But do to my many photographic experiences in the field, I came to realize that Photography occupied a unique place as an independent visual platform. A place separate form the traditional Arts such as painting, drawing and sculpture. Where the artist plays a direct role in the physical allocation of materials in the creation of a new reality. While in photography when applied in its most recognizable role can be defined as a Narrative depiction of an existing undisturbed time and place. Where the photographers primary interpretation of the scene is found in its composition and the operation of the camera.

It is however possible to transition photographs innate ability to record an image to represent a more creative approach. However in order to achieve this the photographer must make a physical changes to the originality of the image, either prier to it being recorded in post production or combination of both. These change should go beyond the superficial alterations that merely effect the images appearance. This is accomplished with the introduction of content that express personal point of view. Even with these changes the resulting image is still a representation of the photographic process, dependent on the recording of existing elements. What should be remember is that the camera records and does not create.

My work has received a number of awards and appeared in a number of juried shows such as The Art of The State in Pennsylvania held at the Harrisburg Art Museum and been published in a number of magazines.


patrick sanford

Growing up in Southern California I have always been drawn to the coast and constantly changing environment. I attended San Diego State University, as a painting major and photography minor. I stumbled into surf photography several years ago and became immediately hooked on not only the act of surfing but also the culture and personalities that surround it. This quickly became the perfect foundation for my photography. I spend most of my time exploring coastlines and travel destinations looking for unique compositions that capture the spirit of nature with the goal to create fine art images that motivate and inspire. Surveying the available light and how it interacts with the environment is the driving force behind my images. Over the past several years, I have broadened my photography to contemporary portraits, and capturing those attaining their fitness goals.


Chuck Stoffa

Chuck is the founder of Bella Gallery. His interest in photography began when he bought a Pentax 35mm camera at a pawnshop for a college project. He continued his photography while deployed at sea in the United States Navy. Chuck prefers Olympus products for superior portability and weather sealing. He hikes for miles to find that perfect location and light combination. He primarily shoots landscapes and enjoys creating visual interest in post-production. He resides in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.



Bella Gallery is dedicated to Chuck Stoffa's grandfather, a combat veteran who fought, was wounded, and left for dead in the Battle of the Bulge. Later in life, he discovered oil painting as a form of physical and mental therapy for what must certainly have been PTSD from his wartime experiences. He was instrumental in mentoring Chuck to become a veteran himself.