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Thank you so much for supporting public radio, the arts, and considering to support Bella Gallery and Homes For Our Troops. Bella Gallery gives 3% of every sale to Homes For Our Troops, who build custom made homes for severely injured Post 9/11 Veterans. 3% might not sound like much, but every raindrop fills the ocean!

Please use coupon code: WDIY to receive 5% off your purchase when you check out. If you would like to join our contact list and receive 15% off your purchase, please fill out the form.

Thank you again for supporting WDIY, Bella Gallery, and Homes For Our Troops!

Bella Gallery

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Charity For Our Troops

Bella Gallery's mission is to connect art buyers to outstanding boutique artists from across the United  States and, at the same time, give back to the men and women whose lives have been negatively affected while  serving our country. 

Bella Gallery offers affordable prints and wall art from a diverse group of small boutique artists.

A portion of  EVERY sale goes towards helping severely injured Veterans through a wonderful nonprofit called Homes For  Our Troops.

We believe our society is enriched through the discovery, enjoyment and appreciation of great art and by giving  to those in need.

Find out more about how we give back to Veterans.